I found out I had high cholesterol probably in the early 70’s. And high triglycerides are what really got us started.

I had a lot of problems with my cholesterol.

I believe they told me a lot of times, “That can be hereditary.”

I knew my father had heart problems and I thought, well, if this cholesterol is such a bad thing then I probably ought to find out what mine was.

And I’d always been told, “You’ve got a runner’s heart, it’s a great heart, it’s strong.” So I never worried about that.

I did not know my cholesterol levels at that time. Okay, as far as the workup, it has been always within normal limits.

Well, I never had any concern prior to that, because I felt good, I was always physically active, and I never had any side problems at all.

I said, “Well, I hear a lot about cholesterol, you know, I’d like to find out.”

So they checked me and I had triglycerides probably about 15 times higher than normal.

LDL and HDL were not balanced so I was imbalanced and needed a chemical correction.