REAL PATIENTS: Hope for the Future


My future is full of wonderful things.

Well, I look forward to a quality of life.

That’s just to stay healthy and enjoy life.

I have a full life ahead of me, whatever that is, I’m going to make the most of it.

The Lord has blessed me to be a Bible storyteller and work with children.

You do have to appreciate what’s close to you. There’s no greater joy than that.

And I think people really need to take notice of the good things we have in this life.

For me, it’s just to be happy, to laugh.

Laughter is a wonderful medicine, especially when you keep laughing after many years together.

To accept things the way they are.

Taking your medication, you know, eating properly, resting — you know resting has a lot to do with it also, and just a good balance in life.

What He did by giving me all these medical problems and the heart problem was to make me understand how precious life can be.

You know, we want to enjoy life to the fullest so we truly appreciate our health better now than when I was younger.

This is for you, this is for your family, you know. This is very important for people.