Oh, I was eating all the good stuff. I was eating macaroni and cheese and sausage, and anything that was not appropriate. High salt and high fat.

I’m a foodie. I love different foods, I love trying different things, my father was a cook.

I’m Puerto Rican, so my culture is a lot of basically unhealthy eating.

I just gotta have my donuts, I just gotta have my spaghetti.

I went through several dietary briefings, some of those were informative, some of those were repetitive.

And they say, “We have this program where we’re going to focus on nutrition and we will be able to control your lifestyle.”

All of the good things that I used to like, I don’t have.

More vegetables…

I like to dress up my vegetables, but I can’t dress them up with all the sauces and the cheese, so I have to just season them well and enjoy!

You can use spices, and you go from canned food to fresh foods.

Not quite so much red meat.

The fatty foods are out and the sodium is very low.

And an apple a day, truly, you start missing the apple a day if you don’t have it.

You just adjust, and if you adjust then, in the beginning, after a while it’s good.

I pretty much got a diet that I could live with and pretty much stayed with it.

But if you’re not active, the dieting can’t help you that much.

I did try to stay in shape, I did try to jog, I did try to run, I did try to keep my … and it worked, it worked while I was in the military, but as soon as I got out it wasn’t my favorite thing to do, and so it got relegated to, “If I have time.”

I go to the gym. I try to go 5 days a week, but I might get 3.

My wife and I, we go to the gym, you know, 2 or 3 times a week.

I had a trainer for the first several months to teach me the machines and to teach me my limits and restrictions.

We do try to do more exercising, more walking.

I was extremely faithful to exercise, Zumba, everything, name it, I did everything.

And then I did Zumba. I like Zumba.

Change your habits, change your pattern slowly not drastically, because it’s not ... I don’t think it will work, I have to talk myself into it.

So I try to do water aerobics.

And I think all those things, if you do it, it will certainly give you a longer life, you know.

I would smoke and I would drink, but I didn't ... I stopped 30 to 35 years ago.

On a road that harms you, it takes too much out of you.

I wanted to live longer.

You have to be disciplined enough, and you have to want to be healthy bad enough to do what you’re supposed to do.